An Open Letter To Jagaban By Femi Fani-Kayode


“Even the obstacles on my manner, I predict them earlier than these that can deliver them will begin to consider them. I plan for betrayal, I plan for backstabbing, I additionally plan for reunion & forgiveness lengthy earlier than they occur.I count on nothing, I count on something, I count on the whole lot”- Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. 

My dearest Jagaban, 

You already know very properly that I’ve all the time favored and revered you. Additionally, you will recall that just a few years in the past I warned you that the whole lot that’s being achieved to you immediately would ultimately be achieved to you given the alternatives you made on the time. 

I bear you no malice or ill-will however in view of what’s taking place in your political occasion and given the truth that your good good friend, co-conspirator and collaborator, President Muhammadu Buhari, has lastly thrown you underneath the bus and dumped you, I’m constrained to put in writing the next. 

The bitter fact is that you simply predicted NOTHING and also you noticed NOTHING. The one factor you noticed had been your individual useless delusions and insatiable greed and the one factor you felt and that moved you was your blind ambition. 

You offered your physique, spirit and soul to the enemy and betrayed your individuals although we warned you over and over that these you had been eating with had been far smarter and much more astute than you. 

But although all of the indicators had been there you dismissed our considerations, vilified us, handled us with contempt, demonized us and sought to destroy us. 

Now the chickens have come house to roost and the writing is on the wall. The indicators are there for all to see. You betrayed and offered Lagos. You betrayed and offered the South West. You betrayed and offered the South East.  You betrayed and offered the South South. You betrayed and offered the Center Belt. You betrayed and offered the North East. You betrayed and offered the North West. You betrayed and offered the Muslims and also you betrayed and offered the Christians. 

Merely put you betrayed and offered EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in Nigeria simply to feed and fulfill your psychotic obsession and compulsive ambition. 

Like Icarus the Greek, you flew too excessive and too near the solar together with your wax wings, overvalued and fuelled by your hubris and satisfaction and now you shall meet your nemesis. The non secular wound that has been inflicted on you is irreversible and terminal and there’s no going again. 

The darkish clouds that lie forward of you might be thick, ugly, frightful, violent and impassable: you can not make it via them safely or survive them. Your enemies have dug a pit for you and you’ve got already fallen into it. 

They’ve lastly stripped you bare, grabbed you by your balls and brought the whole lot from you. 

You may have misplaced your mystique, honor, glory, self-respect, following, clout, satisfaction, popularity and a lot extra. You may have additionally misplaced management of the political occasion that you simply conceived, shaped, nurtured and constructed. The APC was your child and now they’ve taken it from you and are set to kill it. 

They fooled you, used you, dimped you and humiliated you and now they’re going to expose you, garbage you, malign you, break you, crucify you, examine you and totally crush you. 

You dreamed of being Vice President in 2015 and also you failed. You might be dreaming of being President in 2023 and you’ll fail. 

In all of your plans what you failed to understand is that God alone guidelines within the affairs of males. You refused to acknowledge or settle for the truth that the Presidency of Nigeria can solely be given by God and He offers it to whom He deems match by prophecy and divine decree. 

It isn’t about cash and energy and if it had been Olusegun Obasanjo, Umaru Yar’adua, Goodluck Jonathan and Muhammadu Buhari, who had neither of the 2 earlier than being respectively elected as President, would by no means had made it. 

It’s about God and God alone. It’s for Him alone to provide. It’s about His function, His will, His counsel, His plan and His glory. 

He OWNS the Presidency and the minute any man or girl makes an attempt to usurp His function and suppose that she or he can purchase it or manoeuvre his or her manner into it by the utilization of political intrigues, guile, sagacity, knowledge, energy, data, cash or the rest, the Lord disqualifies and rejects him. 

Such an individual will fail woefully and will even find yourself shedding the whole lot she or he values and cherishes in his futile quest. 

God won’t ever share His glory with anybody and He won’t ever assist a person or girl that’s ready to mislead, betray and promote his personal individuals down the river simply to fulfill his vaulting  and insatiable ambition of turning into President. 

But the indicators had been there however you refused to acknowledge or settle for them. 

They refused to provide you a proper place within the Nationwide Government. They ensured that a few of your key loyalists within the South West turned in opposition to you and opposed you. 

They refused to just accept even ONE of your Ministerial nominees each in 2015 and 2019. They humiliated your protegee who you nominated as Vice President and turned him right into a pliant and pathetic little errand boy with no testicular fortitude or disgrace. 

They drove your nominee at FIRS out of workplace unceremoniously and have positioned him underneath felony investigation. 

They’ve divided the ranks of your loyalists and turned even your hitherto most trusted lieutenants in opposition to you. 

They insulted, undermined, marginalised you overtly and worse of all they made it clear to you privately that they’d NEVER provide you with energy. 

All this meant nothing to you and also you shamelessly continued to assist their evil methods and toe their satanic and murderous line. 

But in the event you didn’t care about what they subjected you to you should have a minimum of cared about what they did to Nigeria. 

For the final 5 years our nation and folks have suffered due to the calamitious selections that you simply made and the inexplicable and unconciable alliances that you simply cast. 

You propped up and supported a ruthless, heartless, corrupt, bloodthirsty and merciless regime and tyrant and a President that’s clearly beside himself and whose psychological and bodily colleges reside in one other realm and in one other world. 

Consequently our nation has been totally and fully destroyed, our financial system ruined and our individuals decimated. 

They’ve been slaughtered, butchered, pauperised, emasculated, humiliated, marginalised, insulted and impoverished.

A whole bunch of hundreds of them have been murdered in chilly blood of their houses, cities, villages and farms and thousands and thousands have been displaced. 

Thousands and thousands extra have been ruined and economically destroyed while our nation stays weak, divided and the butt of merciless  jokes all around the world. 

Due to your selections Nigerians are being subjected to persecution, bodily attacked, enslaved, humiliated, lynched, scorned, maimed, killed, disgraced, evicted and declared persona non grata each at house and in distant international lands while our international Embassies are being demolished by miscreants and native criminals even in supposedly pleasant nations. 

I sincerely hope thet someday you’ll replicate on all this and take into account the harm you could have achieved to your kinsmen and compatriots. 

Whether or not you do or not is left to you however one factor that’s clear: for the alternatives you could have made, for all you could have achieved and for the sheer wickedness and greed that resides in your insensitive and darkish coronary heart you’ll pay a heavy value each on this world and on this planet to come back and the Lord will hand you over to your political enemies.

Allow me to conclude by quoting the instructive phrases of a tweet that I posted simply yesterday after I heard concerning the newest developments in your occasion. I wrote, 

“First Oshiomole is kicked out by the Courtroom of Enchantment. Then his most well-liked substitute, Ajimobi, falls right into a coma. Then his arch rival, Giadom, is recognised by Buhari as Nationwide Chairman.

Conclusion: it’s over for Tinubu. He has been thrown underneath the bus and retired from politics!”

I stand by these phrases. Completely satisfied retirement my dearest Jagaban: could you reside lengthy to see the glory of our nation restored and the harm that you’ve achieved to our individuals repaired. Shalom.


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